December 11–13,


When & Where

National Harbor,


2024 Theme: Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare - The Great Power Competition

From the Wars in Ukraine and Gaza, to warfare in the Red Sea and tensions in the Indo-Pacific, the geopolitical situation is increasingly hostile, and tensions are increasing worldwide. Whether a nation state is monitoring borders for troop buildups through ISR in peacetime or denying vital data and information to their enemy through electronic attack during high-intensity conflict, superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum will be a key to victory in the Great Power Competition.

This year's convention will rigorously examine what the lessons learned to date from the current conflicts mean for maneuver in the EMS battlespace – in all warfighting domains, in all theaters of operation – and EMS Superiority writ large for AOC's international membership.

  • STRENGTHEN your knowledge and skills on current and relevant topics to the EMSO community with informative sessions led by subject-matter experts.

  • ENGAGE AND CONNECT with hundreds of stakeholders, thought leaders, and experts in the industry to expand your global network.

  • DISCOVER cutting-edge technologies and solutions to help gain your advantage in the field with a packed show floor with 100+ exhibiting companies.

The AOC International Symposium & Convention is the industry’s leading, three-day event, bringing together nearly 2,000 professionals from 30+ countries spanning industry, military, and government sectors.


Who Attends the AOC Convention?

Acquisition Officials

MOD Staff

Military EW and SIGINT Program Managers

Operational Command Staff EW Officers

National and Military Intelligence Organizations

Test Range Personnel

EW Training and Educational Personnel

EW Lab Officials

EW and SIGINT Systems Manufacturers

EW Operators

MAJCOM EW Staff Officers

EW Support, Maintenance and Logistics Managers


A Message From Our Host Sponsor to Our Host Sponsor: L3Harris

L3Harris is the proud Host Sponsor of AOC 2024. We look forward to highlighting our 60-plus-year legacy of delivering advanced electronic warfare (EW) broad multifunction capabilities and end to-end solutions which ensure spectrum superiority across all domains. We're developing the next generation of EW solutions to counter threats with speed, agility, and resilience across the electromagnetic spectrum to ensure mission success in tomorrow's fight.